About Us

                   Adhere to the " integrity and pragmatic, strict fine and efficient" business philosophy , to implement and practice the scientific concept of development As guidance , continuous improvement, building made fine works , to achieve customer satisfaction.

                 Flag Description

                 1, Blue background represents the sky and the sea, metaphor infinite space enterprise development and broad prospects .

                  2 , The external borders of the square law on behalf of companies standardize their operations ; inner circle represents Tongbian harmony "mean" business ideas .

                  3, The internal red icon metaphor enterprise business is booming , aggressive staff morale up .

                 4, Both sides of the fan and the center of the circle constitute the company name phonetic alphabet cleverly combined (HD), like a flying Dapeng bird, has lofty ambitions and a bright future , like a shining sun , metaphor refers to enterprises with strong momentum, the famous quartet , continuing long.

                 5, "V" -shaped symmetrical design symbolizes victory and success , metaphor refers to the hope and future business development .

                 6 , The internal outer contour is seemingly "∞" infinity symbol represents corporate unlimited future . Inverted look like a "8 " means " Fa ."

                 Service concept

                  Is "people- oriented, harmonious development " and this philosophy is reflected in each employee's work.

                  ( 1 ) Establish refined , efficient, unified , in line with the characteristics of the company to ensure efficient operation of production and business activities of regulatory agencies.

                  ( 2 ) To establish a moral character, excellent technical , work in an orderly , hardworking , upright style of the workfteam , and constantly improve the economic benefits of the company and the company's market competitiveness, and to ensure that the legitimate interests of employees .

                  Staff concept

                 Excellent staff should:      be loyal to the company      loyal to the occupation      loyal personality

                 Management philosophy

                 Security responsibilities , focusing on implementation

                  Quality to win the honest, honest quality cast

                 Teamwork is the core of enterprise culture

                 Technology is the basis for management is the driving force

                 Full participation, strengthen management, excellence, casting quality

                 Sports and Fitness Equipment

                 Rich competitions